Why our Concrete Densifier, Concrete Densifier ns is superior to traditional Concrete Densifier Developed in the 2000s.  Nano-Silica Concentrated dispersion of Nano-Silica in water.

Concrete hardeners based on Sodium (N) Potassium (K) Lithium (Li) Silicates Developed in 1930s (N&K) and late 1990s (Li) most of our competitors in Europe are based on this.


The Particles form cementing compounds that harden and densify the surface with less waiting and less spillage.

Works perfectly even if the concrete slab is decades old.

Reacts with the substrate within 1-2 minutes.

Spray it on the concrete until the surface is saturated and it stops absorbing the liquid and keep it wet for 15 to 20 minutes. Let the surface dry. That is the only application step required before polishing the concrete.

No processing of the material in the concrete

Nano Densifiers penetrate deeper and react more effectively than traditional densifiers.

Just an hour for a reaction and it’s ready to polish.

No waiting overnight.

No caustic gel to scrub away.

Nothing to trow away.

No risk of white precipitates.

Can be used with our ConcreteShield ns for extra shine and protection.

Delivered in concentrate. Lower shipping costs-why pay to ship water.

Penetrates quickly, deeply and cleanly into the concrete.

The particles in ConcreteDensifier ns are much more reactive than in conventional Concrete Hardeners/Densifiers.

Safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional Concrete Hardeners/Densifiers.

The product will give a higher gloss and DOI when you polish it compared to conventional Concrete Hardeners/Densifiers.

  • Nano-Silica in water 
  • Higher Gloss 
  • Higher DOI